Great news( ´∀`)


We just received a gift and a letter from our hakama rental customer

Despite this kind of world, so glad

thank you so much !!

Now, there’s only one thing to do

These clothes are washed by our boss

These Hakama we used in march

Now need to maintenance and storage for next year.

It is important to fold and store hakama correctly to prevent damage and prolong the life of the garment

especially those that are made of silk.

With hakama this is particularly important, since It have so many pleats which can easily lose their creases

re-creasing the pleats may require specialist attention in extreme cases.

It is often considered particularly challenging to fold properly,

in part because of their pleats and in part because their long ties must be correctly,

smoothed and gathered before being tied in specific patterns.

Prepare to next graduation season,

to keep Hakama always in the best quality, we will do our best. ( ´∀`)

Koume had a large number of Hakama

Divide the size, fold, storage and do it over and over again ~

It’s a lot, but we’ll do our best