Things to do at Asakusa

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Hello, we are Komomo kimono rental shop

Did you know that there are many delicious gourmet foods in Asakusa?

If you want to enjoy delicious meals while enjoying the atmosphere of Asakusa such as meals, sweetness, and walking around.

We would like to introduce Asakusa Umaimon Azuma and Asakusa Kibi Dango Azuma, which have been established in Asakusa since the early Showa period.

Recommened local gourmet in Asakusa

To fully enjoy Asakusa, don’t just only visit temples and shrines, Asakusa are also have delicious gourmet food!

“Are there any recommended restaurants?”
“Where is the most popular shop?”
“Are there any spots or food that you can see in kimono?”

The recommended Asakusa gourmet will change depending on your favourite style, eats at shop or take away.

Enjoy  ” Tabearuki ” at Asakusa

Enjoy Asakusa’s street food at Nakamise shopping street.

Nakamise is a traditional shopping street located at Sensoji temple.

Millet dumplings, cold matcha, doll cakes, rice cracker, sweet potato jelly are must-eat foods at Nakamise street

And new gourmets such as melon bread, minced meat, crepes, strawberry sweets, tapioca drinks also are recommended.
Introducing Asakusa’s long-established gourmet and delicious Asakusa gourmet that locals go to ~

Asakusa are also have a lots of restaurants

It’s nice to walk around, but you can also sit down and eat ♪
Mugitoro, Tendon, Sushi, Eel, Soba, Monja-yaki, Sukiyaki, Anmitsu, etc.
There are lots of delicious rice that you can’t eat while walking ~ Also, the same dishes have different tastes and menus, so it seems fun to eat and compare ♪
There are many ways to enjoy Asakusa

Enjoy gourmet Asakusa! A long-established store “Azuma” that continues from the early Showa period

If you research Asakusa gourmet in advance on the Internet or on SNS !! It will always come out, so I wonder if there are people who do not know it.
Mr. Azuma is very popular as a gourmet food and a seated restaurant.

Asakusa Kibi Dango Azuma, a classic dessert to eat on Nakamise Road

Pass through Kaminarimon and head towards Sensoji Temple through Nakamise Road.
at Azuma shop, they had a cute rabbit with a cute mark, will be visible on his left hand (^^ ♪

It’s a set of books and it’s affordable to share and eat with everyone!

Freshly cooked hot dumplings with plenty of flour.
Inside the pink bag … the sea of Kinako
Please scoop up a lot and enjoy the warm ikibi dumplings (^^ ♪

Azuma is particular about not using the added substances.
Therefore, when it gets cold, the dango will become hard, so it is recommended to eat it as soon as it is delicious !!
(It seems that there are additives that keep the softness even when cooled)

Let’s have delicious food while it is delicious ♪
In the summer, there is a collaboration of shaved ice and big dango, so you can enjoy it every season (^^ ♪
By the way, chilled matcha in the summer and amazake in the winter, this is also the best friend for the kibi dango.

Asakusa Umaimon Azuma, a restaurant where you can relax while sitting

Uzumamon Azuma is able to sit down and have a relaxing meal.
Since you can eat various Japanese foods and sweetness like Asakusa, you can use it as a cafe as well as lunch and dinner (^ ^ ♪ The menu is abundant, if you are wondering what to eat, Azuma’s 3 major specialty dishes are recommended !!
“Natsudai Katsudon”, “Kami Chirashi”, “Gomemoku Soba” These three major specialties have had meaty Katsudon and Gomoku Soba …
Besides, the sashimi platter, salad, and anmitsu were delicious.
It also has sake, so it’s perfect for asakusa sightseeing (^ ^ ♪ Azuma-san is eating delicious food while you can enjoy the photo in kimono !!
let’s enjoy it ~ (^^ ♪