In Komomo’s Kimono shop we have large size of Kimono and Furisode !

large size obi, large size kimono, asakusa

Hello (^^♪
I’m Momota、

Today I will introduce solutions to the problems about the size of the kimono !!

[ I want to go to Asakusa and try on a Kimono, but I am worry about my size ] If you are thinking like this, you don’t need to worry anymore !! Because you are in a right place !!

Just like formalwear, Kimono also have sizes !

“Is there a size for kimono?”
“My clothes are M size, why can’t I wear M size kimono?”

To wear comfortable, you should choose a size fit with you.

Recently, there are many fluffy clothes designs, and the stretch is strong.
And there are many clothes that are written in free size.

Kimono does not stretch like clothes.
Also, there is no fluffy kimono.
It’s OK to say that the slight size error is fluffy / stretched in clothes, so it’s OK ~ (^^ ♪!

Of course, even a kimono can be worn with some errors.
But if you want to walk around Asakusa for a day and play, the best thing is to wear a comfortable kimono that fits your body size !!

And in Komomo, children with long hands are also showing large sizes.
Even a child with a long hand and a height of 170 cm can easily wear an M-sized kimono with the arms of Komono’s dressing staff !!
But I don’t like the fact that my sleeves are short and I’m in a neat appearance ((+ _ +))?

I will not force the princess who wants to wear a kimono with this pattern, but I also recommend choosing a princess with long hands from a large size !!

choosing the right size of Kimono and yukata, let’s hangout at Asakusa

If you wear something smaller than your system,
・ Become pitiful.
・ I feel hot.
・ It is difficult to move.

How inexperienced?
It’s the same for clothes and kimono.
If you want to play Asakusa by renting a kimono that you don’t get used to everyday, why not try wearing a more comfortable outfit? When.

Also, if Chubby chooses a small size kimono …
The kimono on the bust part seems to open because it doesn’t fit together, and it looks sloppy.
Also, there are few fittings in the kimono from the hips to the lower legs, and sometimes you can see your legs when you sit down.

The kimono is beautiful as Rin, and I want you to dress it nicely and beautifully (^^ ♪

The largest size of Kimono we have

We have size until 220cm of hip

We have a large selection of kimono, yukata, furisode and large sizes.
Also, other than that, we also have large sizes for visiting clothes, plain color and black tomesode (^^ ♪
(Kimono for dressing can be rented at Asakusa Rental Kimono Koume at the main store)

Why is there such a large size? I mean.
One kimono can be used to make one kimono, but for larger sizes, two kimonos are used to make one kimono.
What a luxury ~ (^^ ♪
However, you can rent a kimono at the same price as the regular size ~

Not just Kimono, we also have large size of Kimono belt too

Kimono is also available in a large size … of course, we also have a long obi size (^^ ♪

If you tighten the half-width band to Chubby with a normal size, the number of ribbon wings will decrease.
Fewer wings … I’ll be lonely in the back ((+ _ +))
Komma devises so that each blade has two blades !!

There are also large sizes of footwear such as sandals and clogs, underwear and tabi socks inside !!
I want Chubby to enjoy it with confidence (^ ^ ♪