Asakusa Kimono rental Koume is a foreign correspondence pat! Why are you pleased? What?


Asakusa had been one of the famous spot for tourists from all around the world.
Komomo is the tourist friendly shop!!!

40% of our all customers are the tourist from overseas and we are proudly say that we are making one of their BEST day in Japan tripJ
Why? These are the reasons…!

We have bilingual staffs

We have English speaking staffs and also a staff from China.

asakusa kimono

74 language available

Do you know Pocket Talk?
This amazing machine can make us speak in 74 different languages.

pokettalk asakusa

Please check the promotion video of this magical machine.
We use this magical tool to welcome any country customer from all over the world!


We keep your luggage for free

take free bags

You ca leave your luggage at our store while you enjoy KIMONO experience

We have a cool photo booth in our store

We have a fancy photo wall in our store so you can take good picture in KIMONO
kimono rental photo kimono asakusa kimono rental kimono rental expierence cute kimono rental cheap kimono rental couple kimono rental mens kimono rental asakusa kimono photo

We are 2minutes away from Asakusa Temple

kaminarimon sensoji

Our store is in great location.
1minute from Asakusa station(exit A4)
2minutes from Asakusa Temple