How to combinate a color of Kimono’s belt

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Hello everyone,

we are Asakusa kimono rental Komomo shop.

[ I want to come to visit Asakusa and rental a kimono ]
[ I want to take a picture at beautiful place, when I’am wearing a Kimono ]

If you are thinking like this,  Our shop is where you need to go.

We had a large number of kimonos at our shop.

We had a lot of number and color of 200 more of kimonos, 300 more of kimono’s belts, 400 more of belt’s accessories, 300 more of hair’s flowers.

You can choose whatever you like, to match with your style.

We know our kawaii customers love to choose clothings, so if we had a lot of selection, our customers can choose more easilier.

I would like to introduce you to the “obi” – kimono’s belts that you have to worry about after choosing a kimono ♪

Visit Asakusa wearing a Hanhaba belt!300 pieces of hanhaba belts for our customers select a style

[ These all so many belts to choose, how to choose the best suitable belt for my Kimono ? ]

[ what would you recommend for me ]

We will introducing you a kimono and how to choose the one that suits your mood the day ♪

Choose a opposite colors to combination to created a perfect Kimono coordinates

Kimono is the original coordination of adding colors one by one.

It sounds like a magical word, isn’t it?

[ What color is the kimono of your choice? ]

take the two most used colors and figure out the color of the kimono you chose ♪
For example, for a black kimono with white flowers, you can choose from other than black and white.
For the sake of clarity, I’ll take a photo as an example (^^ ♪

For example, this kimono is a red and green kimono with a retro look.
Other than red and green, black, blue, dark yellow, orange… are recommended.
If you think “blue is good!”, Even with the same blue, the impression will change completely depending on the intensity of the color, so please try combining various bands.

This kimono has a lot of white and blue colors, and it is a cool color kimono with a refreshing impression.
Other than cold colors, we recommend black, orange, red, purple, etc.
Black or purple gives a mature impression, and orange or red gives a cute impression.
Since it is a kimono with a refreshing color, it is also recommended to coordinate with a bright yellow at the end of warm spring to create a refreshing impression (^ ^ ♪

This kimono is a brightly colored kimono with large red flowers on white.
Since white is strongly yellowish, we recommend black, blue, orange, purple, brown, … other than yellow and red. What color band do you want to match?
Do you want to be mature? Do you want to be cute?
It is easy to choose not only the obi, but also the hair accessory and obi decoration if you clearly select what you want to make 💛 Since we are used to coordinating similar colors of clothes, it maybe difficult to add each color one by one.
Not only the color, but also the pattern, so it feels like you’re running out of gear, right?
But wearing a Kimono with a lot of color is so gorgeus !

Just belive in yourself and make a lot of ideas about Kimono coordinate.

Similar color line to make a trend coordinates

The number of similar colors has been increasing recently, but is it the origin of the clothing store’s affiliated kimono shop
Isn’t the color coordination of kimono the last 2-3 years?

Even if the colors are similar colors, it doesn’t mean that the same colors should be matched, and if black is black and white is white, there is no art.
Even with the same color, if you change the shade, it will look amazing (^^ ♪

The kimono on the left has a cute yellow and orange impression.
The obi in the photo is also good, because it is a light yellow and lavender color, it is cute with a lavender color accented with a light yellow of similar colors (^ ^ ♪
Besides, the big orange flowers have a strong redness, so the bright red belt is also cute !!
If you choose the exact same color, it is recommended that you accent the different color on the back 💛

The kimono on the right is a lot of blue and light blue.
If you want to create a cold-colored similar color, we recommend dark blue, which is darker than a large blue flower, or blue, which has a strong green color.

Basically, there is no correct answer.
The most important thing is to complete your favorite kimono coordination.
Please refer to opposite colors and similar colors to go out in any combination you like (^^ ♪

How to choose the most suitable accessories?

At Asakusa Kimono Rental Komomo shop, our standard plan has belt’s accessori are included !

Like the belts, the belt’s accessory don’t have the most correct answer, but to put it together is the color of the accessori must be diffirent from your belt’s color.

the Obi kazari is an obi charm tucked into the top of the obi which dangles and catches light.
If you select the same color as the obi, it will be difficult to see in the photo and the accented obi decoration will be the same as the obi.
It is absolutely cute to choose a color different from the obi 💛
There are various kinds of obi decorations such as flowers, pearls, and those without decoration.
Please choose your favorite obi decoration and enjoy sightseeing in Asakusa (^^ ♪

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